Whenever my busy thoughts were out of control, the soothing comfort of Your presence calmed me down and overwhelmed me with delight, Read Psalm 94:19

One of the hardest things in life is facing fear. Anxiety convinces us we will never live without it. But we were not created to live in constant worry; consumed by weary days of doubt. God wants us to TRUST in Him and welcome the PEACE of His presence.

When fear fuels anxious thoughts, it's hard to admit something is wrong. But anxiety will grow unless we do something about it. God hears our prayers for mercy and guides our every thought. He will help us release what is stealing our calm.

He will orchestrate the rhythm of our days and bring harmony to our lives. God will help us COPE with HOPE as we lay our burdens down. He will allow us to experience the miracle of surrender and help us focus on what is good.

Nothing will happen that God cannot handle. He is HERE and HE loves us! STRENGTH will replace the worry of wonder, as we pray to fear no more! We must humble our hearts and make room for Jesus. He will place JOY where it belongs and fix what is broken. We must TRUST in Him and stop trying to handle fear on our own.

I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13 NLT

Dear God, Thank you for Your love. Thank you for Jesus! Strengthen us with the power of Your greatness and help us get rid of fear. We will TRUST You all the days of our lives and praise the heart of Your faithfulness. On difficult days, we will remember who’s in charge of ALL things. Thank you for taking the burden of shame. TODAY we will choose to fear no more! Thank you, Lord. Your JOY is ALWAYS welcome in our hearts! Be with us EVERY day as we fight this battle. Thank you, Lord! Amen




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