The LORD is with me; I will not be afraid. Psalm 118: 6 

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by things we can’t control. We become weary, tired and sad. But God knows how to remind us we’re NOT alone. He helps us step ahead and remember who is handling our lives. 

Anxious thought will try and stop us from fulfilling God’s purpose. But if we fill our minds with the best, not the worst; the beautiful not the ugly; things to praise, not to curse, He will touch us in mighty ways, restore our way of thinking and help us humble our hearts for His. Read Philippians 4:8

There will always be struggles, but God will use every experience to help us discover the power of His strength. He will provide peace that passes all understanding and help us welcome the love of Jesus. He will remind us why we need Him in our lives. 

The One who died in our place knows about suffering, sorrow and pain. We can believe in the power of His greatness to lead us to the Father and give us HOPE to be reminded who came to save. God loves us. Even when things don’t go as planned, He continues to work for the good. He longs for us to see what happens when we step in faith and totally TRUST. 

If we surrender worries, surely, we will witness God’s blessings. He will open our eyes to clearly see how He helps us persevere.  He is great and He is good!  We will never know the fullness of a grateful heart unless we find courage to let go and let God do what we cannot. Let’s be thankful for His love and never doubt His ability to know what’s best for each one of us.  

Dear God. Thank you for having a plan for our days. Forgive us when we allow anxious thoughts to slow us down. Fill us with peace and give us strength to keep on going... We will remember who is handling our days. Thank you for guiding us by Your will and showing us how to grow a grateful heart. Thank you for ALL YOU provide, as You continue to love each one of us. We will honor You with our trust and never forget who is working for the good. Thank you, Lord! Amen  


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