The Lord says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.” Psalm 32:8 NLT

God knows how to pull us back where we belong when we head in the wrong direction. He tugs at our hearts and help us understand we need the offering of His love. He restores our souls and gives us the ability to see what’s been missing in our lives.  

He wants us to TRUST in Him, even when we walk on paths unknown. God guides our steps and readies us to fulfill His will. He prepares us to step in FAITH and find purpose for our days. He tugs at our hearts and gives us direction. As we faithfully respond, He shows us where to go.  

It won't be easy to prepare for new beginnings. But God will help us find strength to grow. He will fill us with desire to experience the fullness of Jesus and prepare us to welcome HOPE. As we pray and remain faithful, He will reveal His plan. He will help us leave worry behind, so we will see what happens when we TOTALLY TRUST. 

God knows where we’ve been. He knows where we need to GO. We mustn’t be afraid to welcome change in our lives and head in a new direction. He will provide everything we need to experience PEACE in His presence. He will help us stay focused as we follow the footsteps of Jesus.

God WILL bless us!  We must remain close to the One who has already planned our days. He will provide what we need to journey ahead and remain faithful. If we open our eyes and witness His blessings, He will show us how it feels to welcome a grateful heart. God will ALWAYS provide THE WAY for us to grow. He is God! He will never ask us to step ahead until we've been readied to fulfill His will for our lives.   

Dear God, thank you for guiding and helping us stay on course. You show us how-to step-in faith. We will patiently wait to discover what happens when we surrender doubt. Open our hearts to receive the PEACE which flows from Your presence. Fill us full of everything we need to step toward wholeness. We will faithfully respond, “yes” when You call us to experience Your guiding. Thank you for knowing what we need to find a passion of purpose.  Thank you for taking care of each one of us. YOU give us strength to keep on going and equip us to do amazing things! Amen


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