Season of Hope Christmas Devotions

“Oh Come, oh Come Emmanuel” are words we hear at Christmas. They open our eyes for the Savior and remind us to focus on Him. They help us understand the power of love and prepare our hearts to receive Jesus, God's precious gift to the world. 

Sometimes we forget Jesus arrived in a filthy stable not fit for a King. Mary brought forth the Son of God in crude surroundings. In moments to welcome Christ, the world was forever changed! As we prepare to make room for the Savior, we should remember He desires the LOVE of our hearts.  
Emmanuel means God with us! No matter what we’re going through, we need to reminded we’re NOT alone. God prepares us to welcome JOY. He brings PEACE even when we're not sure how to find it. He opens hearts for the gifts of His greatness and shines the light of HIs love. He warms us with HOPE in His presence and fills us with everything we need to find Christmas calm. 
Life will not always bring comfort. We will be faced with worry and doubt. But JESUS will love us through everything that happens in our lives. He WILL cradle us in care. He will help us prepare to receive what's already been given and ready our hearts for love. 

As we step from the darkness, God will be our guide as we humbly examine our lives. He will help us leave sadness behind and remind us how to make room for the Savior. 

We must treasure our blessings and the simple ways we choose to welcome Jesus. He is deserving of a special place in our lives. We must never stop looking for gifts of greatness. It is where we will ALWAYS find PEACE and the JOY of a grateful heart.  

Dear God, thank you for helping us feel the light of Jesus and be warmed by the offering of love. Oh, how we need to feel Your presence of GOOD!  YOU are our CONSTANT source of strength. Thank you for helping us recognize Your gifts of greatness as we take time to notice what You provide. Give us STRENGTH to endure when circumstance rob our joy. Guide us as we continue to TRUST in YOU. Open our hearts as we tenderly make room for Jesus and offer Him prayers of our praise. Thank you, Lord!  You are deserving of ALL of our love at Christmas and EVERY single day of our lives. We are so very grateful. Amen 



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