She gave birth to her firstborn son. She wrapped him snugly in strips of cloth and laid him in a manger, because there was no lodging available for them. Luke 2: 7 NLT

God prepares us for Christmas. He opens our hearts, so we will welcome Jesus and recognize the beauty of His love. Oh, how we need to be reminded HOPE came to heal when Jesus was born. The King of Kings did NOT enter the world in a palace. He was born in crude surroundings. A manger held the gift of God’s Son. 

Sometimes we forget, in humble places of the heart; God reaches us with the greatest desire to seek the Savior. He helps us understand surrender and how to welcome Christmas calm.   

Jesus brought light to the darkness. He longs to guide us to the Father and help us remember things don’t have to be perfect when we call on Him. Imagine Mary, delivering her baby in a stable! Surely, it wasn't where she thought He would be born.     

God doesn’t promise life will always be easy. But because of Jesus, we have the ability to cling to the promise of salvation and remember where HOPE is found. We have the opportunity to witness JOY, as we focus on the Savior and find reasons to be grateful for His love. 

Peace came from the breath of heaven. It is offered to us TODAY. Jesus longs for us to receive Him. He was cradled in the arms of Mary. And HE cradles US today!  Is there room in your heart for Him? He doesn’t require a fancy place to dwell. What He needs is a heart that is ready to receive what He wants to provide.    

God will help us discover JOY in our relationship with Him. He will open our hearts for gratitude as we welcome His greatest gift and understand it is the reason we celebrate with humbled hearts of TRUST.   
Dear God, thank you for sending JESUS for each one of us. Help us remember to welcome Christmas with a humbled heart of HOPE. We will feel the PEACE of Jesus and recognize the love of Your faithfulness as we’re guided closer to YOU. Thank you for allowing us to come as we are and reflect on the manger. It fills us with fulness and readies us to celebrate the birth of our King.  Thank you, Lord! Christ will remain in our hearts forever. Thank you for the gift of Your everlasting LOVE. Amen


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