You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you! Isaiah 26:3 NLT 

God helps us face our fears. He carries us when it’s hard to climb and reveals the power of His greatness. He reminds us WHY we will NEVER stand alone. He helps us learn what it means to be faithful and TRUST in the timing of His will.   

It’s hard to feel joyful when we carry anxious thoughts. But God knows how to restore our way of thinking. He opens our eyes for blessings and helps us witness the power of His love.   

When we take time to look, we become aware of what’s been missing; opportunities to step in faith and grow in God’s greatness. He helps us surrender what’s prevented us from finding courage and calm.  

Fear stops us from finding fulfillment. It makes us believe we will never measure up. It rules our lives and leads us far away from remembering we ARE valued by God. But He knows how to restore our souls and humble us in TRUTH.  

We must remember where STRENGTH comes from and never be afraid to TRUST the One who loves us. Nothing will happen that God cannot handle! He is HERE, working for the GOOD. 

Let’s climb that mountain and discover what’s been waiting on the other side! The joy of the Lord is our STRENGTH! He will lead us in the right direction and bring purpose to our lives. We mustn’t waste another moment in the grip of fear! God will give us wisdom to know what needs to be done to guide us toward wholeness. We will experience His goodness in life, if we let Him work in us.   

God, thank you for PEACE and the JOY we find in Your presence. YOU love us through weakness and help us remember where STRENGTH comes from. Open our hearts for JOY as we walk with Jesus and leave our worries behind! Help us remember we don’t have to be prisoners of fear! Thank you for helping us witness Your  blessings when we open our eyes and choose to focus on YOU! Thank you, Lord! Amen


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