Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need. Matthew 6: 33 NLT 

Christ longs for us to walk with Him and see what happens when we choose to follow. As we journey on paths unknown, He guides us to the Father and reminds us WHY we don’t walk alone. He shines the light of His love as we welcome PEACE and keep on going… 

As we place one foot in front of the other, we begin to see what happens when we fix our eyes on Jesus. He helps us stay on course and remember who IS handling our days. When life becomes difficult, He helps us endure and grows the heart of our FAITH.  

We learn a lot as Jesus leads us! He manages our steps. We find comfort as we move closer to the Father and realize we’re headed in the right direction. God gives purpose to our steps and we begin to TRUST in the timing of His will. He handles EVERY moment of our lives. 

God provides HOPE for a future that is bright. He nurtures the love of our faithfulness and readies us to welcome His timely rewards. He fills us with STRENGTH to keep on going, even when we face bumps in the road. 

God WILL nurture our faithfulness. He WILL give us PEACE as we welcome courage to try; even when it’s hard. The One who created us to love Him with all of our hearts will humble us with reasons to remember better days WILL come. 

The human side of weakness will slow us down. But God will restore us! He will give us STRENGTH to persevere! He will arm us with everything we need to remember He HAS PLANS FOR THE FUTURE.  God knows what He’s doing. We must be patient, TRUST in Him and BELIEVE He knows what’s best for our lives.

Dear God, thank you for reminding us to keep on going. Open our eyes so we will clearly see WHY we need the power of Your mercy and love. Guide our steps and humble our hearts for Jesus. Help us learn to walk-in truth, so we will remain faithful and understand what happens when we TRUST in You. Thank you, Lord. Thank you for peace, joy, mercy and grace. We’re so lucky YOU are handling this day and EVERY single day of our lives. Thank you, Lord!  Amen


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