“Go in peace. The journey on which you go is under the eye of the Lord.” Judges 18:6 

God reminds us to be faithful. He prepares us to seek His guidance and allow ourselves to be led. He opens our hearts to remember who will guide our steps. He readies us to welcome peace and leave our worries behind. He provides what we need and takes good care of us.  

God arms us with everything we need. He helps us examine our hearts, remove anxious thoughts and focus on mercy and grace. He blesses us with the love of His faithfulness and helps us learn to TRUST. He readies us to remember who plans our days. As we give Him praise, He skillfully opens our eyes and allows us to witness His blessings.

God wants us to TRUST Him every moment of our lives and experience the gifts of His greatness. He has a plan for the future.  He navigates our lives and reveals His will when the timing is right. He helps us step in FAITH. 

We must “never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.” He is HERE; watching over us. He brings PEACE to our souls and readies us for what’s to come. 

God will help us embrace seasons of change and hold us by the power of His love. We mustn’t be afraid of the challenges we face. He is NEAR! He is HERE! He will always take care of us and those we love. God WILL watch over us and bring PEACE to our souls as we welcome HOPE and BELIEVE He will handle our days.  

Dear God, thank you for preparing us to journey. YOU give courage to leave doubt behind. As we seek Your wisdom, help us make decisions for our lives. Thank you for Your love! We will welcome the gifts of Your greatness and recognize why we are blessed. Help us embrace seasons of change as we faithfully TRUST in You. Thank you for PEACE that comes when we’re held by Your holiness. Please take care of us and those we love. Thank you for Your strength. It holds us together and we are grateful.  Amen 


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