“God’s voice thunders in marvelous ways; He does great things beyond our understanding.” Job 37:5 NIV

God does amazing things to demonstrate the love of His faithfulness. He helps us examine our lives and witness things way beyond our understanding. He opens our eyes to view what He lays before us and allows us to recognize what needs to be seen.   

Sometimes, it’s hard to see clearly. But God reminds us of His presence in mighty ways! The Creator of heaven and earth quiets distractions as we pray. He helps us remember we are covered with amazing grace and reminds us we are treasured and loved. 

God has the power to do great things! He knows our EVERY need. His voice thunders in marvelous ways; when He requires us to listen…Sometimes we expect larger than life moments to feel the goodness of His love. But often He uses subtle ways to remind us HE IS WITH US… 

God longs for us to feel His nudging and faithfully respond. He needs us to TRUST and obey. There will never be a moment without the LOVE of His presence. We can count on Him to guide and provide EVERY day of our lives. 

Embracing an attitude of gratitude will prepare us welcome each and every day. We must learn to be still and listen… God will find the way to demonstrate the depth of His holiness. He will ALWAYS take care of us and those we love.   

God, thank you for guiding our lives. Help us welcome the gifts of Your greatness and stand in awe of ALL You have done to bless us in so many ways. You are mighty, holy and present. We will feel Your STRENGTH as we faithfully wait to be blessed and NOTICE what You want us to see. Thank you for handling our days. You are faithful and we are grateful! Thank you for allowing us to witness the power of Your mighty love. Amen


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