“Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.” Colossians 4:2 NIV 

"God is great, God is good!” We remember the childhood prayer, but often forget to begin our prayers in PRAISE. God IS deserving of our thanks in all situations…

When we become consumed by our own agendas, we miss precious opportunities to be reminded HE is the source of our strength. We go about our business and call on Him when troubles come. And sadly, we forget to tell Him He is treasured and loved.   

As Jesus leads us to the Father, He shows us the goodness of mercy and grace. He helps us witness amazing things as we faithfully follow Him. He shows how to welcome the love of God’s greatness and be thankful to be known as His.    

We should begin our prayers in PRAISE! God sees the love in our hearts, even with small hallelujah’s. He readies us to rise in His greatness and sets the stage for GOOD to come. He arms us with everything we need to embrace the gift of a grateful heart and remember we are valued and loved. 

He opens our eyes for ALL He provides, gives PEACE that passes all understanding and STRENGTH to welcome calm. He places JOY in our hearts when we need to find courage and places HOPE where it belongs. And when we’re not feeling strong, He lifts us from the worry of wonder. He reminds us to TRUST in Him. 

God will provide for our needs and ready us to rise. Taking time to simply say, “thank you, Lord” will restore our lives. It will help us focus on what is GOOD and allow us remember GOD IS GREAT! He is deserving of PRAISE EVERY TIME WE PRAY! He will love us forever and handle our days. JOY will fill our hearts and we will be reminded how very much GOD LOVES US.   

He is GREAT and He is GOOD! He has allowed us to welcome another day of life! How will you choose to thank Him? If we humble our hearts in PRAISE, God will be honored to know how very much we LOVE Him. He will always be faithful to us. 

Dear God, thank you for waking us to the blessing of another day! Thank you for the power of Your love. Thank you for what happens when we faithfully learn to TRUST. You are the source of our strength. Thank you for taking care of us and those we love. Forgive us when we forget to begin our prayers in praise. You are deserving of our love in every situation. Thank you for helping us see the GOOD in all you provide. Thank you for reminding us to always let You know we are grateful. Amen


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