"Take courage and be stouthearted, all you who hope in the Lord." Psalm 31:24

God IS with us. He carries us through storms and knows when we’re weary and weak. He helps us find HOPE and COURAGE to remember we are held by the power of His love.  

Often, we feel burdened by the worry of wonder. But God finds the way to help. As we learn to TRUST, we begin to understand He IS capable and able to do what we cannot. He provides what we need when our strength is being tested and we need to focus more on the presence of His love.    

We must never underestimate His authority. He will help us face our fear and remember He is HERE in the midst of every situation. He will provide for our needs. God will offer PEACE in His presence and take care of those He loves.      

We must “occupy hopefulness” and remember why we’re NOT alone. Things may be difficult now, but we must believe better days WILL come! God loves us. We might not know how everything will work out, but He has a plan to show us. We must be faithful, open our hearts for peace, rest in the comfort of His care and never forget where to find strength. Surely, He WILL handle our days. He is GOD and He is faithful! 

Dear God, thank you for waking us in Your presence. Please give us STRENGTH to fight our battles. YOU know how to handle our days and help us find COURAGE and PEACE. Please be with those who need to be reminded YOU are working for the good. We will put our HOPE in YOU, faithful Father! We will give you our praise in EVERY situation, as we faithfully TRUST in YOU. Thank you, Lord! Amen


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