*Good morning, family and friends. This is a repost of a message I wrote years ago when I was teaching in a faith-based program. What a pleasure it was to share about God’s greatest gift and witness how the children joyfully embraced stories of His love. I pray we receive Jesus like the little children who are never afraid to share the good news. ♥ ~Nan

                                               Twenty Minutes of Purpose

The Christmas season is hectic for teachers of young children. There’s a lot to be done in a small amount of time. Anticipation grows as the children share their excitement and practice for our annual pageant. They portray the birth of Jesus and learn about His birth. Weeks before the program, we practice every single day.  

I observe a lot from my seat at the piano. I hear angels sing praises to God and watch as Mary and Joseph learn their lines. I wipe tears as Mary lovingly lays baby Jesus in the manger and smile as Wise Men present their gifts with crooked crowns. I consider how the parents will feel to see their children perform with sweet offerings of excitement.  

In twenty minutes of purpose, God provides a daily dose of PEACE at the piano. The children begin to embrace the Christmas Story and begin to understand it is so much more than Santa and toys. They become excited to perform and can finally sing “Mary had a Baby” without forgetting the words. 

God provides PEACE that passes all understanding. We don’t have to be perfect to welcome the love of Jesus. He reminds us of the manger and longs for us to love like the children; unafraid to share what’s in our hearts.   

Families will attend the program. They will take time from hectic schedules to reflect on Christmas through the eyes of those they love. There will be moments of JOY and the sweetness of recognizing HOW to welcome Jesus, before singing “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”.   

Christ IS the BEST gift of Christmas!  He will provide moments of PEACE in the hectic pace of our routines and bring calm in amazing ways. We will find strength in this season of HOPE if we choose to be still and take time to embrace the LOVE of a grateful heart.    

Let the peace of heart that comes from Christ always be present in your hearts and lives, for this is your responsibility and privilege as members of his body. And always be thankful. Colossians 3: 15 TLB

Dear God, thank you for moments to feel the presence of Your holiness. As we prepare to welcome Christmas, humble our hearts to love YOU so much more! Fill us with perfect peace as we seek You with all of our hearts and take time to welcome the gift of Your Son. Help us find purpose in the moments YOU provide to show us the power of Your amazing love. Thank you, Lord! Thank you for Jesus!  Amen


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