He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless. Isaiah 40:29 NLT

When fear tries to steal the joy we’ve known, Jesus draws us closer. He sees inside the sores of our souls and helps us overcome. In the PEACE of His presence, we discover how to find rest in Him.   

Christ’s love is amazing! When we admit we're weak, He carries our burdens and walks with us. He bandages wounds of weakness and humbles our hearts for TRUST. He guides us to the Father as we learn to step in faith.       

Because of God’s great love, we can find HOPE in Jesus. He meets us where we are and reminds us of our worth. He helps us face our fear and release worry and hurt. He removes the chains which hold us back from welcoming the power of His love.    

“We can be grateful and sad at the same time.” God hears our broken hallelujahs and helps us RECEIVE what we need. He fixes what is broken and allows us to witness what needs to be seen when we choose to open our eyes. He fills us with desire to welcome JOY.  

God will arm us with the fullness of His love and give us STRENGTH to overcome. We must never doubt His ability to help us recognize WHY we need the Savior. Jesus loves us, even though we're not perfect. We will never have to pretend with the One who knows our hearts and calls us worthy.   

Dear God, help us find courage and strength as we TRUST in You and bravely admit we are weak. Help us surrender what’s holding us back from welcoming STRENGTH and PEACE. Thank you for knowing our hearts and healing what is broken. Guide us as we walk in FAITH and step closer to Jesus. Thank you for helping us recognize how to love YOU even more. Thank you for knowing our hearts. Amen 


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