All those who know your mercy, Lord, will count on you for help. For you have never yet forsaken those who trust in you. Psalm 9:10 TLB

We need to step away from distractions, find a place to be still, humble our hearts and PRAY. God longs for us to experience quiet moments to be held by His holiness and readied to step in FAITH.

As we sit for a while in the presence of PEACE, God fuels us with everything we need. He provides STRENGTH to endure and longs for us to recognize we are valued and loved.

We will experience the worry of wonder and forget who’s in charge of our days. The need to have control will diminish our desire to TRUST. We will step in the wrong direction. But God will guide us back where we belong and restore our souls. He will continue to work for the GOOD.

These are difficult days of trials and temptations. But we don’t have to handle them alone. God IS HERE! He will provide what we need to fight our battles and bravely step where He wants us to go.

God is ready for us to RECEIVE what we need to know. When we have the opportunity to sit with Him a while, we shouldn't turn away from the One who helps us grow. We mustn't let go of our NEED to be held. It is where we will ALWAYS find always find strength for our souls.

Dear God, Thank you for the blessing of each new day. Forgive us when we neglect to spend time with YOU. Humble our hearts, so we will leave distractions behind and find comfort while we’re cradled in care. Thank you for holding us together and arming us with everything we need to fight our battles when trouble comes. Knowing You are HERE gives us relief as we gratefully discover how it feels to be rescued. Thank you, Lord. Thank you for the PEACE of a grateful heart. It blesses us in so many ways. Amen


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