Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all the earth! Make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise! Psalm 98:4 KJ21

In tender moments of truth, God finds the way to reach us. He orchestrates the rhythm of our days and reminds us to be GRATEFUL for ALL He has done. He helps us welcome the presence of peace, when we open our hearts and RECIEVE Him. He reminds us we are valued and loved.   

Sometimes, we forget to THANK our Creator and reflect on the One whose already planned our days. GOD is faithful, even in the midst of change. He wakes us ready to receive His LOVE and longs for us to remember He is faithful.   

God prepares us for circumstances in our lives. When the timing is right, He places a song in our hearts. He composes a melody of HOPE and readies us recognize His greatness. He opens our hearts for Jesus and holds us together with the power of His love.   

It pleases God when we thank Him for all He has done. We must never be ashamed to make a joyful noise and sing at the top of our lungs! We should PRAISE the One who provides everything we need. We don’t have to know how to carry a tune to simply say “thank you, Lord." He will be pleased when we show our appreciation with a humbled heart. 

Beginning each day with PRAISE will set the stage for GOOD. God is deserving of knowing how much we love Him because EVERY DAY we are reminded HE LOVES US!  

Dear God, thank you for leading us through moments when we need to be reminded YOU are the Provider of everything we need. Thank you for waking us with a song to SING. We will TRUST You with all of our hearts and make a joyful noise! As we gratefully open our eyes to another day of purpose, we will give YOU PRAISE! You are deserving of so much more than morsels of love. Thank you, Lord! Thank you, so very much.  Amen ♪♪


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