Jesus led the way to the hill where He would die. The weight of the world scarred His flesh and broke the hearts of those who felt sorrow and shame. As we reach for the hands that were scarred for our sin, we become aware HE knows about brokenness.  

Sometimes, we’re afraid to admit we’re weak. We convince ourselves no one will notice if we appear rugged and strong.  But God knows our hearts. He tugs at our souls to see what is missing and helps us remember we don’t have to be perfect to visit the cross.

He offers amazing grace for each one of us. His mercies are new each and every morning. In this season of renewal, we have the opportunity to call on Jesus and make the choice to let go of what is holding us back from welcoming JOY. 

Christ longs for us to remember His death, resurrection and God’s plan for our lives. There will come a day we will be rewarded with no more sadness and strife. It’s hard to imagine what Jesus endured! But it should humble our hearts to consider; "Is what we are living for worth what Christ dying on the cross?"  

God lifted His Son and allowed Him to rise. We need to be reminded, so we will have HOPE for tomorrow and STRENGTH for today. We need the LOVE of Jesus EVERY moment of our lives. We must remember what HE has done for each one of us. HE is the way to the Father.

We are not held by fear! God helps us experience the goodness of life. He opens our hearts for the One who came to save. It was LOVE that held Jesus to the cross. LOVE will help us overcome. Nothing compares to the gifts of this greatness and His faithfulness to each one of us. We must leave doubt in the hands of Jesus and find courage to walk in truth. 

Let us PRAISE Him for ALL He provides and TRUST, He will help us make a breakthrough. The joy of the Lord IS our strength! Let us never be ashamed to admit WHY we need Him. He IS deserving of our deepest appreciation and love. We will never find a more faithful friend to show us where to go. He will help us step in the right direction and walk closer to the fullness of God.  He will give us PEACE. 

Dear God, Thank you for Jesus! Oh, how we need the presence of His peace! Help us remember who knows our suffering and give us HOPE as we surrender to YOU. We will remember the sacrifice of Your precious Son and be grateful for the gift of salvation. We’re so grateful for the One who came to save. Thank you, Lord! Thank you for the power of Your everlasting LOVE. Amen


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