“Take a guard,” Pilate answered. “Go make the tomb as secure as you know how.” So, they went and made the tomb secure by putting a seal on the stone and posting the guard. Matthew 27:65-66

After Jesus died, His disciples hid in fear and contemplated what had happened. The loss of Christ crippled their thoughts, while they waited in grief and despair; unsure what to do without Him. Often our lives are put on hold when fear tries to steal the joy we’ve known and convince us we will never live without it.  

God knows how to handle anxious thoughts. He helps us TRUST in Him, surrender fear and welcome the love of Jesus. He reminds us His timing is not our own and readies us to COPE with HOPE. He nurtures hearts with desire to draw closer to Him. 

Because of what Jesus has done, we WILL discover PEACE that passes all understanding and experience how it feels to be cradled in care. We learn to let go of dreaded doubt and strengthen our relationship with Him. 

While the whole world waits to celebrate the resurrection, let this be a day of opportunity to be restored. Let us humbly pray with grateful anticipation and be ready to welcome the Lord. He will help us focus on what is good and place JOY where it belongs.   

It’s never too late to step in faith and gratefully follow Christ! The JOY of the Lord is our strength! May we walk in truth, allow Him to carry our burdens and embrace a willing desire to love Him even MORE.

Jesus will help us share the good news, love one another and know Him as Lord of our lives. HE has already shown amazing LOVE for each one of us. HE WILL give us HOPE as we journey together on paths to find courage and STRENGTH. He is the LOVE that hold us together as we wait to RECEIVE what He provides.

Let’s welcome our risen Lord with adoration, appreciation and a willingness to see what happens when we focus on the GOOD. God will help us embrace the love of grateful heart. If we LOOK for the blessings we will find them, even when we are required to be patient and WAIT.    

Dear God, please help us remember Your timing is not our own as we humble our hearts with patience and welcome the love of Christ. Help us examine our lives when fear tries to rob the JOY we’ve known and we need to become aware of what it means to surrender. Fill us with the PEACE of a grateful heart and help us not be ashamed to admit WHY we need YOU. Thank you for calling us worthy, even though none of us are deserving of what Jesus has lovingly done. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We will rejoice as we wait to celebrate our risen Lord and honor YOU every day of our lives. We will give YOU ALL of our love and never stop thanking YOU for the many ways You bless our lives. Thank you, Lord. Thank you for preparing us to welcome Easter. Amen


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