Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Psalm 51: 10 

God knows our every thought. He knows what we need to receive the gifts of His greatness. When distractions rob us from offering prayers of praise, God reminds us HE is worthy of ALL of our love. He opens our hearts to breathe in gratitude and reminds us we are valued and loved.  

We should take time to consider ALL HE has done to bless us. God is deserving of ALL of our love but sometimes we fall short of showing appreciation. We become distracted by other things and forget to say, “thank you, Lord” from the moment we open our eyes. 

God has a plan! He guides, provides and longs for us to remember His timing is not our own. He readies us to remember we don’t walk alone. We were created to do amazing things and have a living relationship with Jesus. As we follow Him, He helps us find PEACE as love grows deeper. 

God allows us to experience what happens when we welcome His strength and BELIEVE in His promise to save. He reveals His will and readies us to walk in fullness. As we examine our hearts, He helps us let go of doubt and welcome what's to come. He reminds us what is pleasing to Him. 

We must remember God is HERE; waiting to reach us with His greatness. We have been beautifully made to love Him above ALL things. He calls us worthy of stepping toward wholeness and is deserving of more than occasional “thanks”. 

God will reward us as we acknowledge we are HIS. Loving Him will produce many blessings. We will honor Him by the way we choose to live our lives; faithfully following Jesus and remaining on the path of truth.   

Dear God, Thank you for the POWER of Your love. Thank you for drawing us nearer and helping us understand WHY we need You. Forgive us when we step away and try to live on our own. Humble our hearts to recognize what You see in us and ready us to welcome gratitude. Thank you for having a plan. Show us how to remain faithful as we love You with ALL of our hearts. Help us humbly welcome the JOY of Jesus and find PEACE as we step closer to YOU. Thank you, Lord. Thank you! Amen


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