You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised. Hebrews 10:36

God watches over us and guides us along the way so we will recognize His instructions and be ready to receive His timely rewards. He gives purpose to our days and provides everything we need to faithfully follow Jesus.

Sometimes, we forget who gives us strength. God wants us to experience how it feels to love Him with ALL of our hearts and sees ourselves as He sees us; able and capable to be used in mighty ways. He brings PEACE to our hearts as we stay focused in His WORD and held by the love of His holiness.

God blesses us in mighty ways. As we share our praise, He helps us embrace a grateful heart while we wait to be rewarded. As we stand on solid ground, He prepares us to receive abundant JOY and welcome the opportunity to share what’s been given to us.

We must prayerfully respond to God’s guiding. He will remove our doubt and provide peace that passes all understanding. He will lead us in the right direction and help us recognize what grows from obedience and TRUST.  God will arm us with everything we need to find fulfillment. He will powerfully change our lives. 

God will show us the value of our worth and use us in mighty ways. We must keep on praying and believe He knows what’s best for our lives. We mustn’t be afraid to do what needs to be done to receive His blessings. Persevere, remain faithful and TRUST. God will guide where He wants us to go. He will lead us in the right direction when we make the choice to follow Jesus.  

God WILL bless our journeys and give us HOPE to remember there will never be a day without the presence of His love. We can TRUST in what He’s promised! He is HERE and HE loves us. He will never let the righteous fall when we walk a path of purpose and remember who give us strength to carry on. 

Dear God, thank you for what happens when we stand in your presence and feel the power of Your goodness and strength. Arm us with everything we need to step ahead and remain on the path that leads to YOU. Help us faithfully follow Jesus and never be afraid when the future is unclear. Give us patience to cling to Your promise and learn to walk in truth. Thank you for calling us worthy of Your love. It blesses us in so many ways and we are grateful. Amen


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