Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Ephesians 6: 10 NLT

GOD is with us EVERY day. There’s beauty in what He provides. He opens our eyes for the gifts of His greatness and longs to hear prayers of our praise. He helps us feel the power of His presence and recognize the offering of His love.

God provides timely rewards as we pray and witness His blessings. He's never far away from knowing exactly what we need. We should be ready to welcome what He chooses to give and make room in our hearts for gratitude.

When life brings seasons of change, we must remember GOD IS WITH US. He is our constant source of strength; the GIVER of courage and peace. When struggles come, we need to be reminded to faithfully LOOK for the GOOD.

We must TRUST God and let go of our need to have control. He is in charge of all things. As we surrender our need to figure out life on our own, He will give us wisdom to handle our days and keep on going.

Beginning each day with prayers of praise, will help us focus on the way we SEE God in our daily encounters. We must be bold and bravely step in faith! If we allow God to guide us, mornings will come with a renewed sense of purpose. As we look for the GOOD, surely, He will help us find it.

Dear God, thank you for reminding us to pray with PRAISE. YOU humble our hearts with gratitude. Oh, how we need to be armed with peace before we choose to rise. YOU set the stage for what’s to come. YOU give us strength as YOU guide and provide. There are so many ways YOU show Your love for us. Thank you for Your blessings! Thank you for fueling our souls so we will feel Your presence. Thank you for opening our eyes to experience the power of love. It is what we need EVERY day of our lives. Thank you, mighty God!  Amen


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