I have not reached my goal, and I am not perfect. But Christ has taken hold of me. So, I keep on running and struggling to take hold of the prize. Philippians 3: 12 CEV

God isn’t finished working in our lives. He guides us by His will, in His time and for His great purpose. He watches over us and provides for our needs. Our mighty Creator opens our hearts to welcome the love of Christ and recognize what happens when we journey together.    

Sometimes we forget to walk in the fullness of FOLLOW. We try and travel on our own.  We plan our agendas and forget to pray for guidance. But when we surrender the need for control, God blesses us in ways we never imagined, as we allow Him to help us move along.  

God sets the stage for what’s to come and hears us when we pray. He opens our eyes so we will focus on Jesus and allow Him to handle our days. He helps us recognize WHY we don’t have to be perfect to accomplish our goals.  

The One who suffered and died knows the source of our weakness. God’s will was fulfilled by the power of His plan. We are saved by the power of Jesus’ love. This should be a sweet reminder to keep on going and never be afraid to travel with our precious friend.  

FAITH will help us BELIEVE we are headed in the right direction. God will bless us in mighty ways as we TRUST Him all of our days. Anxious thoughts will be removed as we gratefully embrace an attitude of gratitude for ALL He has done.   

God will keep His promise and bless us! He WILL provide PEACE that passes all understanding. He will help us recognize how lucky we are to be loved by Him and held by the heart of His holiness. We must persevere and remain faithful. God will help us stay on course. He will always take care of us and those we love. 

Dear God, thank you for arming us with everything we need to step ahead and TRUST in You. Forgive us when doubt tries to rob us of Your fullness. We will love You all of our days and patiently wait to be guided through every situation. You have a plan for our days and we are grateful. You will always know what is best for our lives. Thank you, Lord. Thank you. Amen 


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