May He give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed. Psalm 20: 4 NIV

God knows the plans He has for our days. As we TRUST in the power of His will, He helps us recognize WHY we need Him. He gives us STRENGTH when we’re weak and courage to admit when we’re not feeling strong. 

Sometimes we put our faith in other things and neglect to give God control. We try to handle life on our own. But God tugs at the heart of our well-being and allows us to feel His presence. He sets the stage for what’s to come as we draw closer and welcome His presence. 

God sees inside the layers of our souls. He knows exactly what we NEED. He guides and provides for our days and help us release what we’ve carried far too long. He helps us welcome PEACE when we surrender worry and walk in the comfort of His love.  

God helps us witness His ability to do amazing things! He adjusts our way of thinking and reminds us why we’re not alone. He humbles hearts to welcome JOY and remember we are valued and loved. He offers gifts of His greatness and longs for us to gratefully RECEIVE.

There will never be a day without the love of our Father. He is worthy of praise! Let this be the day we choose to step closer and allow Him to handle our days. We are not alone in the decisions we make to bravely step in FAITH. God IS HERE. He WILL bring JOY to our hearts. 

God will speak direction in our lives. He will remove what’s holding us back from discovering the power of His plan and provide everything we need to welcome HOPE. God will ALWAYS be faithful to us. The goodness of His love will last forever.  

Dear God, thank you for loving us through the selfish side of want. YOU know the heart of our needs. Help us learn to be patient and TRUST in the plans You have for our days. Help us remember WHY we need YOU every day of our lives. Help us not forget, the beauty of surrender IS so much better than the struggle of letting go. Thank you for what You place in our hearts when we bravely release doubt and learn to walk in FAITH. Amen 


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