But be sure to fear the Lord and faithfully serve him. Think of all the wonderful things he has done for you. 1 Samuel 12: 24 NLT

God fills us with desire to do what needs to be done to serve Him with a servant's heart. He helps us recognize we have been created to DO great things. He pulls us from wonder and brings purpose to our days as we TRUST in Him. He helps us recognize when we  are ready to rise. 

As we experience His nudging and feel PEACE in our hearts, God prepares us to receive wisdom and remember His promises. He guides, provides and removes anxious thoughts. He helps us step in FAITH and follow Jesus.

He prepares us to receive many blessings. In seasons of opportunity, He opens our eyes for His greatness. He helps us TRUST and BELIEVE. As we take a leap of FAITH, He jumps with us and reminds us we are valued and loved. 

God equips us for transitions. He lifts shades of fear that haven't allowed us to witness what waits beyond doubt. He readies us to  notice the beauty of walking in a new direction.  

As we pray for guidance, we feel the compassion of Jesus’ love. He will cover us with kindness and remind us we will never walk alone.  He will help us find thankfulness as we walk with Him. 

God has a plan for us to grow. He will bless our willingness to serve Him with gladness and ready our hearts for change. He will never move us until we have been readied to GO. We must be patient and faithful in the WAIT. We don’t have to figure out everything on our own. 

"We must never be afraid to trust and unknown future to a known God.” He knows what He's doing! We must faithfully embrace what He chooses to provide with confidence. Working for the Lord will bring fulfillment! TRUST in the plans He has for our days, be brave and faithfully step when He says YOU are ready to GO.

Dear God, thank you for the amazing things we accomplish when we take a leap of faith and TRUST in You. Thank you for working for the GOOD. Help us see ourselves as You see us; able and capable to serve You with a faithful heart. You help us recognize who we are becoming as we patiently wait to be blessed. We will love You all our days and remember who guides and provides. Thank you for preparing us to step in Your fullness and welcome the gift of a grateful heart. Thank you, Lord. Amen 


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