Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need. Matthew 6: 33 NLT 

Christ longs for us to walk with Him. As we journey on paths unknown, He guides us closer to God and reminds us why we don’t have to journey alone. He shines the light of His LOVE as we welcome PEACE, give Him our BEST and BELIEVE He is the way to the Father. 

As we place one foot in front of the other, we begin to see what happens when we fix our eyes on Jesus. He helps us stay on course and reminds us who IS handling our days. He carries our burdens and nurtures FAITH. He diminishes the worry of wonder. 

Fear won't allow us to move where God wants us to go. Anxious thoughts will rob our joy. But God will be honored when we PRAY to be restored. He will lift us with arms of STRENGTH and help us witness glimpses of GOOD.   

We must be PATIENT and TRY, even when it’s hard. There will always be a good result when we give Jesus our "YES" and TRUST Him with our lives. He will make us aware of ALL God provides when we humble our hearts for Him. God knows what He’s doing to bless our lives. He WILL take care of us and those we love.

Dear God, thank you for helping us remember we are valued and loved. Open our eyes so we will clearly see WHY we need You. Guide our steps and humble our hearts for Jesus. Help us learn to walk-in truth, so we will remain faithful and understand what happens when we TRUST. Thank you, Lord. Thank you for peace, joy, mercy and amazing grace. YOU handle all of our days and we are GRATEFUL. Amen


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