He says, “Be still, and know that I am God. I will be honored among the nations. I will be honored in the earth.” Psalm 46:10 NIRV

God patiently waits for us to feel the love of His presence and witness His goodness in our lives. He reminds us to be STILL so we will feel His LOVE and be led closer to Christ.

God helps us feel the power of mercy and grace. He reminds us we are treasured and loved. In quiet moments, He sets the stage for what’s to come. As we pray for PEACE, God provides the way to find it. He helps us examine our lives and surrender doubt and fear. He renews our hearts to remember why we will never be without Him.

As we receive the gifts of His greatness, God rewards us with the quiet of calm. He removes distractions and helps us learn to be silent and still. God takes care of us in quiet moments to reflect on why we need Him. He readies us for His will.

“We mustn't be afraid of silence in prayer time. It might be that we are meant to listen, not to speak.” God will provide reward for our patience. We must put our TRUST in Him and allow ourselves to be STILL. Sitting with GOD will give us STRENGTH. It will always be good for our souls.

Dear God, Thank you for Your presence. Forgive us when we allow distractions to lead us away from You. Humble our hearts with desire to spend quiet time with YOU. As we’re led in the timing of Your will, help us remain faithful and TRUST. Thank you for moments to experience how it feels to be cradled in care and held by the heart of Your holiness. Thank you for what happens when we allow ourselves to be STILL and FEEL the goodness of Your mighty LOVE. Thank you for blessing our souls. Thank you, Lord. Amen


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