The Lord gives his people strength. The Lord blesses them with peace. Psalm 29:11 NLT 

When worry steals our calm, we need to be reminded Jesus IS with us! He sees our need for mercy and readies us to welcome amazing grace. He knows what we store deep inside and helps us surrender fear. He blesses us with PEACE as we walk toward wholeness.    

When we’re asked, "How are you doing?" we typically respond, "I'm fine." But when we’re far from okay, we can't fool Jesus. He knows when we're not feeling strong. Fear makes us believe STRENGTH will never return where it belongs, but God is SO much bigger than our worries.   

Jesus takes the worry of wonder and helps us cope with HOPE. He shares our burdens as we faithfully follow Him. He removes weight from our shoulders so we will breathe fully again and find comfort as we humbly PRAY.  

God will show us the benefit of trusting HIM, instead of hiding anxious thoughts in layers of doubt. He knows where we’ve been and why we need to lean on Him. He will help us discover wisdom from His authority and guide us in His WORD.  

God WILL arm us with everything we need to battle what cannot make us strong. As we pray in Jesus’ name, He will renew our hearts when we stop running away from opportunities to draw closer to Him.    

God is HERE and HE loves us. Admitting we’re in need the Savior will help us recognize we don’t have to figure out everything on our own. It will allow us to release what needs to gone to welcome the JOY of a grateful heart.   

There IS a plan and purpose for our days. God will help us learn how-to step-in FAITH and do what needs to be done to life a life that honors Him. We were created to find beauty in the gifts of His greatness and welcome HIS STRENGTH every day. May we have eyes to see what He wants us to notice and hearts to recognize when it’s time for a change. God will bless us in mighty ways when we recognize WHY we need Him. He is HERE and He loves us.    

Dear God, thank you for waking us in opportunity to be reminded of Your greatness! We will surrender fear to You. Arm us with the power of Your love and help us find PEACE in Your presence. We will humble our hearts for Jesus and faithfully embrace the goodness of His love. Thank you for loving us through our weakness. We learn a lot when we’re honest with You. Thank you, Lord!  Amen


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