The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; Lamentations 3: 22 ESV

GOD IS OUR CONSTANT source of STRENGTH. He longs for us to trust in Him and never lose awareness of WHO HE IS. The Creator of every living thing knows our hearts. HE knows what we need to walk in fullness and help others discover the goodness of His mercy and LOVE.

Sometimes, we have trouble relinquishing our need to have control when we plan for the holidays. We feel a need to make everything perfect and fine. But we don’t have to hold this expectation when we prepare our hearts to welcome Christ.

Family traditions stir excitement as we decorate our homes, bake Christmas delights and hum holiday songs in the midst of the shopping. It’s GOOD to experience JOY and anticipation! But we mustn’t forget the many who are facing difficult days of doubt and pray for them to discover Christmas calm. 

Christmas will look different this year for those who are experiencing loss. It may be a season of sadness for those who are stressed and feeling lost. It can be a weary time for those who hunger for so much more than what a Christmas meal provides.

Christmas allows us to experience more than sweet traditions, as we witness the power of God’s love and recognize His authority to use us in mighty ways. He knows how to ready us to minister to the NEEDS of His children and help them find the way to be cradled in care. 

Jesus, precious Jesus was born in a stable and delivered in a space not fit for a King. Our hearts are saddened to consider this type of arrival. But precious Mary, God’s faithful servant saw beauty where Jesus was placed. She received Him with gratitude, praise and the LOVE of a servant's heart.  

God helps us find JOY in many ways. It should inspire us with desire to share the LOVE of Christ and tell others about the goodness of His love. God loves a giving heart that welcomes PEACE in His presence and the calm of thankfulness.  

When we see a NEED, we mustn’t be afraid to respond. We will be a blessing to those who need to know they are valued and loved. And WE are the ones who will be blessed. “The King will reply, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me. '” Matthew 25:40

Let’s experience Christmas in a beautiful way and let God show us how to welcome PEACE and JOY. May we always be mindful of HOW to share the kindness and compassion Jesus gives to each one of us as we treasure meaningful traditions and faithfully remember to LOVE like HIM.   

Dear God, thank you for this special season to share with family and friends. Thank you for traditions and sweet memories of those who have passed. Help us reach those who trying their best to feel the peace of Jesus and find comfort to be cradled in care. May the love of Your faithfulness grow in us so we will develop a passion of purpose to LOVE one another and welcome the JOY of Christmas. Amen 


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