For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, do not fear; I will help you. Isaiah 41:13 NIV

No matter how hard we try, there will be days we need to be reminded to TRUST in God and stop running from opportunities to welcome courage and calm. He knows what we need to find relief and be held in the heart of His love. 

Sometimes, we’re ashamed to admit we’re weak and run from worry and doubt, instead of seeking STRENGTH from the One who knows what we need to be restored. God is with us EVERY day. He holds us together and reminds us we are valued and loved. 

Sadness and shame will cause us to become soulfully sore. But our mighty Healer will humble our hearts, help us welcome strength and provide everything we need to remain faithful.  

When God extends His hands of HOPE, we mustn’t make Him reach so far. If we pray for PEACE, He will help us find it as we examine our hearts and realize why we need to step closer. 

Walking in faith won’t always be easy but God will help us every step of the way as we draw closer to Him. Why we would want to run from the One who guides and provides for our days? Isn’t it time to witness what God WILL do when we allow ourselves to be lifted?

We will see glimpses of good when we TRUST the One who holds us together by the power of LOVE and welcome the JOY of a grateful heart. God is HERE and HE loves us. He WILL always ready to help. 

Dear God, thank you for holding us in Your arms of strength and helping us breathe in the beauty of surrender. Give us courage to admit when we’re weak. Forgive us when we forget You are HERE, ready to cradle us in care. Thank you, Lord! Thank you for what we see when we open the eyes of our hearts and make room to welcome gratitude. Amen 


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