If the LORD delights in a man's way, he makes his steps firm; though he may stumble, he will not fall, for the LORD upholds him with his hand.” Psalm 37:23-29 NIV

God makes us aware of His presence. He opens our hearts and prepares us to journey with Jesus. He knows what we pack in our hearts. He helps balance the load and walk without worry. And if we stumble and fall, He lifts us with arms of strength and reminds us to keep on going…

Sometimes we carry too much! We hold the weight of the world and find it hard to step ahead. We question where we're going. But Jesus teaches to TRUST. He opens our eyes in truth. He helps us feel the power of STRENGTH and removes the worry of wonder. He helps us remain faithful with steps that are firm. 

God will make room for mercy and grace to fill us with His greatness. He will prepare us for what’s to come. While we are held by holiness, He will set our feet on solid ground and give us PEACE in the timing of His will. He will provide courage to help us remember who's in control of ALL things.

As we faithfully move along, God WILL reveal His will for our lives. He will guide and provide, even when we cannot see beyond the TRUST of our steps. He will provide STRENGTH to help us persevere as we're led on a path toward wholeness. GOD is working for the good! We'll witness the gifts of His reward when we open our hearts in gratitude and remember why there will never be a day without the power of His faithful love. 

Dear God, we're so grateful to walk with Jesus! Fill us with HOPE as we travel together. Help us find PEACE to remember who handles our days. Humble our hearts, so we will surrender burdens and walk without worry and fear. We will find STRENGTH in the power of Your love and remember WHY we need You. Thank you for Your FAITHFUL love! Thank you for holding the compass of our lives and showing us where to go. We will TRUST in You and keep on going. Amen


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