Wait patiently for the Lord. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord. Psalm 27:14 NLT

God holds us together while we pray and WAIT on Him. He helps us remember who handles our days and covers us with mercy and grace. He fills us with HOPE in the seasons of our lives and provides PEACE as we pray in Jesus’ name. 

Winter is hard! We miss the sun and become weary of cloudy days. But God continues to bless us in mighty ways as we cling to the promise of His LOVE, embrace a heart of praise and allow Him to carry us through each moment as we faithfully TRUST. 

February IS here! We’re one step closer to saying, “hello” to spring! While we WAIT in the goodness of what He provides, we should celebrate HOW God orchestrates our lives and stop allowing days of gray to diminish our LOVE for Jesus.

We are deeply LOVED by the One who created us to LOVE Him with all of our hearts and remember His mercies are new each and every morning. He is deserving of so much more than grumblings about the weather. 

We must hold on tight and be ready to receive God’s EVERY DAY blessings! He WILL move us through EVERY season of our lives. There will never be a moment without His presence. Better days are coming! Soon, we'll experience what we’ve waited to enjoy and understand faithful patience doesn't come without our LOVE for Christ. 

Dear God, thank you for the power of Your LOVE. You help us remain faithful in the timing of Your will. Help us notice the blessings You provide as we WAIT on You. Thank you for the seasons of our lives! They prepare us to welcome Your precious rewards. Thank you for the gifts of YOUR greatness! Thank you for Christ! We will open our hearts for Your guiding and remember GOOD things WILL happen as we TRUST in You. Thank you, Lord! Thank you for Your LOVE for us. Amen


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