For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases Him. Philippians 2:13 NLT

The nearness of spring will provide beautiful reward. Rain will pour and God will shower the earth with everything it needs. He will soften the hardened ground and grow what has patiently waited to rise. 

God helps us dig deep in the layers of our lives that need to be nourished with HOPE. He opens our eyes to focus on Jesus, examine our hearts and learn how to faithfully GROW.  

God helps us embrace changes in our lives. He renews us when we pray, soak in His Word and ask Him to help us learn to be patient.  

In seasons of newness, He helps us welcome PEACE in His presence and is delighted when we make the decision to TRUST. 

God’s LOVE never fails. If we follow Jesus and humble our hearts for the One who helps us GROW closer to the Father, STRENGTH will nurture our souls as we're readied to rise. 

God has a plan for our days! He WILL plant seeds of faith and provide everything we need to flourish. He WILL help us cultivate a heart of PRAISE. Growing with the JOY of Jesus will bring beautiful rewards when we welcome the opportunity to bloom and rise in the beauty of God’s faithfulness.    

Dear God, Thank you for the power of Your presence. You give purpose to our days. Forgive us when we forget to trust in YOU. Help us remember there is much to be learned as we patiently wait to GROW by Your greatness. We will flourish in the strength of Your love and do what is pleasing to You, while we’re readied to rise. Thank you, Lord! Thank you for allowing us to bloom where we are planted. Thank you for all that YOU do to nourish us with the goodness of Your LOVE. Amen 


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