Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. Romans 12: 12 ESV

Jesus helps us handle life with an urgency to receive what He places in our hearts. He longs for us to spend time with Him and be still in His presence. He cradles us in care and hears our prayers as we faithfully BELIEVE in His amazing LOVE. 

Christ carries our burdens and gives us HOPE when troubles come. When circumstances become difficult to handle on our own, He pours HOPE in our souls and demonstrates compassion. He knows the heart of our need and helps us learn to TRUST as we remain faithful and pray. 

We all need a faithful friend who cares with kindness and helps us journey in truth. Jesus wants us to have a living relationship. He helps us do what needs to be done to draw closer to God. He took the pain of the cross and knows about our struggles.

When we examine our hearts and let go of anxious thoughts, Jesus holds what we bravely surrender. He helps us breathe in the fullness of God and remember life IS easier when we're reminded we are NOT alone.  

Jesus lifts us with scarred hands that were nailed to the cross. We should reflect on the power of God’s authority to do what needs to be done to complete His will in us AND give Him the glory!  Grace is something we don’t deserve but God calls us worthy of walking with Jesus and welcoming what He graciously provides.

God knows what we NEED to live in PEACE and experience how to embrace the LOVE of a humbled heart. He helps us find wisdom as we soak in scripture and recognize HOW to be guided by the One who has done so much to remind us HE is HERE!  

We don’t have to be afraid to step toward wholeness our journey on paths unknown. God will help us lay our burdens down, follow Christ and witness what happens when we discover our NEED for Him. He removes the sadness of shame when JOY finds the way to our hearts.

Jesus came to bring light to the darkness and provide HOPE in God’s promises. We are held by so much more than the worry of wonder. Isn’t it time to let God provide what we need to welcome His STRENGTH and stop trying to handle life on our own? He will renew us with desire to welcome Christ with prayers of perfect PRAISE!

When God opens our eyes, let’s be READY to TRUST, witness glimpses of GOOD and welcome what holds us together. We will sin and fall short of the glory of God. But if we turn from our selfish ways, PRAY and embrace the LOVE of Jesus, He will set the stage for what’s to come and be honored by our willingness to follow Him.

Let’s welcome the Savior with grateful anticipation! He will bless us with thoughts of GOOD as we look through the lens of LOVE and patiently wait to be guided. God will take care of us and those we love. He knows what we need to walk in the fullness of His timely rewards and faithfully follow Jesus with gratitude.  

Dear God, thank you for mercy and grace. Thank you for the sacrifice of our faithful friend who gave His life for each one of us. HE is deserving of our praise! In seasons of change, help us remember we are valued and loved. Thank you for the gifts of Your greatness. YOU are faithful to us! You know what we need before we speak and hear us when we pray. We will welcome Jesus with grateful appreciation for all He has done and never forget who has the power to lift us where we WILL see glimpses of good. Thank you, Lord. Thank you for Jesus and what He has done for each one of us. Humble our hearts for His!  Amen 



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