I pray that He will use His glorious riches to make you strong. May His Holy Spirit give you His power deep down inside you. Then Christ will live in your hearts because you believe in Him. And I pray that your love will have deep roots. I pray that it will have a strong foundation. Ephesians 3: 16 NIRV

God has a plan for our days. We are treasured and loved. He reminds us He is closer than we think as we witness the strength of His greatness and give Him our praise. He helps us handle our days and skillfully blesses our hearts. 

Often, we forget God provides what we need as we pray for help. We find peace as we allow Jesus to carry our burdens and teach us to step in faith.  As believers of Christ, we witness HOW God works for the good as we recognize WHY we need Him.

God’s love is deep and wide! Worry will try and rob our calm. But if we’re rooted in the love of Jesus, He will help us recognize what He provides as we remain faithful and TRUST. He will give us courage and bring balance to our lives as we grow in HOPE.  

As we begin to understand the gift of amazing grace, God will help us believe in His promises. He will nurture our desire to love Him more as we become STRONGER than before. He will reveal the purpose of His plan when the timing is right and we have been readied to discover how He guides and provides.   

We don’t have to figure out everything on our own. Because of Jesus, we will stand on the firm foundation of what we believe. We don't have to hold the worry of wonder when we occupy hopefulness and consider how we have been blessed.  God will use His glorious riches to make us strong! He knows what we need to persevere and keep going... Surely, He will do what we cannot to continue to love us in beautiful ways and remind us we are never alone when challenges come. 

Dear God, sometimes we forget to trust the power of Your greatness. Help us draw closer to You as we walk with Jesus and experience the fullness of Your never-ending love. We will seek You with all of our hearts as You nurture our desire to grow and never forget how much we are loved. Thank you for restoring our souls. You help us feel courageous! Give us strength to release our fears and faithfully stand on Your promises; rooted in the depth of Your everlasting LOVE. Amen


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